Customized Modules

Life Science Applications

  • Various flat membranes and hollow fiber membranes as standard products available
  • Wide range of individual bioreactor configurations
  • Scalability of your process from a few cm² up to several m² of membrane surface area
  • Automated systems for continuous cell culturing
Cellab Life Science Application

Cellab offers individual hollow fiber and flat membrane modules to be used for a variety of life sciences applications including:

Cellab Filtration
Filtration, Separation & Purification

Semipermeable membranes are increasingly used in the field of biotechnology and bioprocessing to filtrate, separate and purify a variety of liquids or solutions. These porous membranes retain the substances of interest while allowing other substances pass through.

Choosing the right membrane depends on the substances to be separated. The molecular weight of the substances and their nature will determine the membrane needed.

Cellab Gas Transfer
Gas Transfer

Our gas transfer membrane is continuously permeable to gas molecules while liquids are retained by the hydrophobic membrane. That makes them ideally suited for removing O2 or CO2 from liquids as well as for oxygenating fluids. The porous surface of the hollow fiber membrane combined with the large separation surface of our hollow fiber modules within a small volume provides superior gas exchange rates.

All of our oxygen transfer membranes are fitted in specially designed module housings that provide a physically separation of 2 compartments with selective accessibility via external access ports.

Cellab Cell Culture
Cell Culturing

The porous surface of our membranes provide a more in-vivo like culture environment with excellent nutrient supply and concurrent removal of metabolic waste products. Membranes, especially hollow fiber ones, provide a very large culture surface area within a small volume.

The membrane physically separates the bioreactor into a medium and a cell compartment with selective accessibility. The defined membrane cut-off efficiently retains cells, proteins and high molecular weight growth supplements in the cell compartment. The result is a highly concentrated culture product with less need for growth factor supplementation and downstream purification.

Cellab customized modulesOur Products

We offer a broad range of different sized modules with flat or hollow fiber membranes ranging from a few cm² up to several m² of membrane surface area.

Our long-term experience and in-house expertise in membrane development and manufacturing allows us to provide customized solutions adapted to your filtration needs and an early stage prototyping within a short time.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for a personalized offer.

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