Customized Modules

Contract Development & Manufacturing

  • Unique know-how to design a module optimized for future automated mass production
  • Manufacturing know-how from micro modules to large scale modules
  • Technology expertise in hollow fiber and flat membrane module fabrication
Cellab Contract development manufacturing

What we offer you

Our strengths are:

  • Expertise: more than 20 years of experience in providing customized OEM products and services globally
  • Turnkey manufacturing: we construct entire manufacturing facilities and even deliver you the life science filtration modules as well as OEM services for life science applications
  • Flexibility: our skilled and experienced team helps you develop your products through all development phases, from design to production, whether you require small series or mass production
  • Short lead time: our R&D and Engineering department work hand in hand to provide you with a "speed to market" strategy
  • "Made in Germany": your high-quality products are manufactured in our dedicated facilities complying to the ISO norms

As your partner, we provide you all the resources required to succeed.

Value-added service

Cellab Design EngineeringDesign engineering

  • 2D and 3D industrial design and rapid prototyping
  • Tool making, injection molding and membrane manufacturing
  • Feasibility studies, risk analysis, and proof of concept testing


Alpha Plan 84 von 92 2Mass and serial production

  • Contract manufacturing – pilot scale to high volume mass and serial production in-house using standardized designs and assembly line techniques
  • OEM/ private label
  • constructing entire manufacturing facilities on customer premises in cooperation with our sister company Alpha Plan


Cellab supportIntellectual property and regulatory support

  • Supporting validation, certification and product registration
  • Providing samples for regulatory approval, document support for SOPs and IP-protection etc.
  • Providing complete product development documentation

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